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Safe Routes to School

Coopertown City Hall is attempting to acquire a grant through the state of Tennessee that would allow the Town to improve the transportation safety of the children attending both the Middle School and the Elementary School. Both Mayor Childs and Alderman Glen Guyor are working on this and would like the input from the Teachers, Students, and Parents in obtaining the statistics needed, and the best design to present when applying for the grant. Please click on the links below to obtain a copy of the forms needed. Also the link marked Grant Scope shows the current plan.

Grant Scope

Parent Survey About Walking and Biking to School

Encuesta sobre ir caminando o andando en bicicleta a la escuela -PARA PADRES-

Teachers Tally Sheet


The Town of Coopertown is an equal opportunity provider without regard to race, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sex, age or disability.