PC 2007 September



September 18, 2007

  1. Call to Order

Chairman Rettaliata called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. on August 21, 2007 in the Town Hall located at 2525 Burgess Gower Road.

  • Roll Call

The following Planning Commission members were present:

Brian Rettaliata, Chairman

Danny Crosby, Mayor

Robert Dale Anderson, Alderman

Richard Crutcher, Member

Jamie Moore, Member

Bo Logan, Representative, Tennessee Department of Economic and

Community Development


No one

Additional attendees:

Greg Edrington, Highers, Koonce, Koonce & Associates, City Engineer

III. New Business

A. Approval of Minutes from the prior meeting:

Chairman Rettaliata asked for comments and/or corrections to the

Minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting held on August 21, 2007.

No comments or corrections were offered. A motion to waive reading of the

minutes and approve as presented was made by Mayor Crosby and

seconded by Mr. Moore. By voice vote the minutes were approved


  1. Rezoning request Doye Worrell, .74 acres at 3862 Windland Drive, Springfield, TN from AG to RA.

Mrs. Worrell explained that the rezoning request was intended to make the zoning consistent with that of the adjacent parcel to facilitate combining the subject property with a portion of that adjacent parcel for purposes of constructing a garage that will meet the necessary setback requirements.

On a motion by Mayor Crosby and seconded by Alderman Anderson

the rezoning request was approved by the members as


Chairman Rettaliata”Yes

Mayor Crosby”Yes

Alderman Anderson”Yes

Mr. Crutcher”Yes

Mr. Moore”Yes

  1. Resignation”Richard Waltz

Chairman Rettaliata announced that he had received a letter from Richard Waltz resigning from the Planning Commission effective immediately due to scheduling conflicts with future meetings.

  1. I-24 Lighting

Mayor Crosby reported that he expected to have a layout of the proposed lighting for the I-24/Highway 49 interchange from TDOT within a few days. He further indicated that the project is scheduled to be bid in the Spring 2008.

IV. Old Business


With the resignation of Mr. Waltz Chairman Rettaliata indicated that he would assume responsibility for this project.

B. Potential Modifications to the Conservation Subdivision


Chairman Rettaliata presented a draft of proposed language

modification to Section 6.030 of the Coopertown Zoning

Ordinance dealing with open space requirements in the

Coopertown Subdivision Regulations. After a brief discussion

Alderman Anderson motioned that the proposed language

modification be approved and forwarded to the Mayor and

Board of Aldermen for adoption. Mr. Crutcher seconded the

motion which was approved by the members as follows:

Chairman Rettaliata”Yes

Mayor Crosby”Yes

Alderman Anderson”Yes

Mr. Crutcher”Yes

Mr. Moore”Yes

  • Design Guidelines

V. Discussion

Mr. Dwight Pennington presented an updated concept plan for Phase

V of the Oak Pointe Subdivision. During the subsequent discussion

several suggestions for modification were made which Mr.

Pennington agreed to incorporate in the preliminary plat which he

indicated would be ready for submission at the October Commission


  • Adjournment

On a motion by Alderman Anderson and seconded by Mr. Crutcher

the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: ___________________________

Brian M. Rettaliata, Chairman

Minutes approved by: ____________________________

Brian M. Rettaliata, Chairman

ATTEST: _____________________________

Terri A. Brown, Town Recorder