PC 2007 October



October 16, 2007

  1. Call to Order

Chairman Rettaliata called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. on October 16, 2007 in the Town Hall located at 2525 Burgess Gower Road.

  • Roll Call

The following Planning Commission members were present:

Brian Rettaliata, Chairman

Danny Crosby, Mayor

Robert Dale Anderson, Alderman

Richard Crutcher, Member

Jamie Moore, Member (Joined late)


No one

Additional attendees:

Bo Logan, Representative, Tennessee Department of Economic and

Community Development

Greg Edrington, Highers, Koonce, Koonce & Associates, City Engineer

III. New Business

A. Approval of Minutes from the prior meeting:

Chairman Rettaliata asked for comments and/or corrections to the

Minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting held on September 18,

2007. No comments or corrections were offered. A motion to waive reading

of the minutes and approve as presented was made by Mr. Crutcher and

seconded by Alderman Anderson. By voice vote the minutes were

approved unanimously.

  1. Clarification of Section 3.020, Coopertown Zoning Ordinance

Chairman Rettaliata lead a discussion seeking to clarify how the members felt the subject section of the Zoning Ordinance should be interpreted. The members agreed that on property meeting the other requirements set forth in the section that up to two (2) additional residences could be constructed for members of the immediate family of the property owners or individuals employed full time on the property. They further agreed that the language did not require immediate family members to be employed full time on the property.

  1. Rezoning request Gary Pinson 2.69 acres at 4517 Mt. Zion

Road Springfield, TN from AG to RA for purposes of creating

a residential building lot.

Based upon the clarification of Section 3.020 of the Coopertown

Zoning Ordinance discussed in item B, above, Chairmen

Rettaliata had a brief conversation with a representative of Mr.

Pinson and his rezoning request was withdrawn.

  1. Rezoning request Wayne Neely 5.88 acres at 2688 Joe

Dowlen Road Pleasant View, TN from AG to IB for purposes

of constructing a concrete plant.

After Mr. Neely presented his request for a change of zoning on the

subject property the Chairman opened to meeting for public comment on

the subject request. Several citizens spoke against the request citing

concerns about potential noise and air pollution based upon current

experience with a similar operation in the immediate area. After further

discussion the members voted to denied the rezoning request as follows:

Chairman Rettaliata”No

Mayor Crosby”No

Alderman Anderson”No

Mr. Crutcher”Yes

Mr. Moore”No

  1. Oak Pointe Subdivision”Approval of Preliminary Master Plan”Phases V thru X, Approval of Preliminary Plat--Phase V.

Dwight Pennington and Philip Klober representing Pennington

Construction addressed the members requesting approval of the

Preliminary Master Plan for Phases V thru X and the Preliminary Plat for

Phase V of Oak Pointe Subdivision. After a review and discussion of the

documents on a motion by Mayor Crosby and seconded by Alderman

Anderson the members voted unanimously to approved both requests.

IV. Old Business

V. Discussion

  1. Adjournment


On a motion by Mr. Moore and seconded by Alderman Anderson

the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: ___________________________

Brian M. Rettaliata, Chairman

Minutes approved by: ____________________________

Brian M. Rettaliata, Chairman

ATTEST: _____________________________

Terri A. Brown, Town Recorder