PC 2007 August

August 21, 2007
                          I.      Call to Order
Chairman Rettaliata called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. on August 21, 2007 in the Town Hall located at 2525 Burgess Gower Road.
                        II.      Roll Call
The following Planning Commission members were present:
      Brian Rettaliata, Chairman
      Danny Crosby, Mayor
      Robert Dale Anderson, Alderman
Richard Crutcher, Member
Jamie Moore, Member
Richard Waltz, Member
Bo Logan, Representative, Tennessee Department of Economic and
                 Community Development
Peggy Ruth, Alderman
III.    New Business
        A. Approval of Minutes from the prior meeting:
 Chairman Rettaliata asked for comments and/or corrections to the  
 Minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting held on July 17, 2007.  
 No comments or corrections were offered. A motion to waive reading of the  
 minutes and approve as presented was made by Mr. Moore and
 seconded by Mr. Crutcher. By voice vote the minutes were approved   
B.     Plat Approval Richard Crutcher, .92 acres at 2923 Highway 49  Pleasant 
      View, TN
    On a motion by Mayor Crosby and seconded by Alderman Anderson Mr.
     Crutcher's request for approval of the subject plat for .92 acres located at
     2923 Highway 49 Pleasant View, TN. was approved by the members as
    Chairman Rettaliata”Yes
     Mayor Crosby”Yes
    Alderman Anderson”Yes
    Mr. Crutcher”Abstain
    Mr. Moore”Yes
     Mr. Waltz”Yes
C.    Rezoning Request Charles Lackey, 5.9 acres at 3075 Joe Dowlen Road
Pleasant View, TN, from Agricultural and RA to IB for purposes of constructing a concrete plant.
After Mr. Lackey presented his request for a change of zoning on the subject property the Chairman opened to meeting for public comment on the subject request. Several citizens spoke against the request citing concerns about additional truck traffic and inadequate road width as well as the requested zoning being incapable with the immediate area. On a motion by Aldermen Anderson and seconded Mr. Waltz the rezoning request was unanimously denied by the members.
IV.               Old Business
A.     Proposed Planning/Zoning/Building Fee Schedule
The Chairman presented an updated version of the subject schedule reflecting the changes requested by the members at the July meeting. On a motion by Mr. Moore, seconded by Mr. Crutcher the members unanimously approved forwarding the revised fee schedule to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen with a recommendation for adoption.
B.     Design Guidelines
Mr. Waltz requested that the subject be deferred to the September meeting at which time he expects to have a draft of the guidelines for the members to review.
C. Potential Modifications to the Conservation Subdivision
      Chairman Rettaliata indicated he will prepare a draft of
      revisions to the subject regulations indicating that the current
      50% open space requirements are a target which is
      subject to negotiation on a case by case basis as facts and 
      circumstances warrant.
V.                 Discussion
A discussion was held between Mr. Dwight Pennington and the members regarding his proposed new subdivision on York and Henry Gower Roads. Mr. Pennington presented a preliminary conceptual plan reflecting various types of housing on the property with approximately 16% open space overall. Included in the conversation were various options for the utilization of the open space (developed versus undeveloped) as well as the manner in which the open space would be preserved (conservation easements by lot versus maintenance by a homeowners association). Mr. Pennington indicated that he would present a revised conceptual plan at a future date.
A discussion was held between the members and Mr. Steve Artz and Mr. Donnie Edwards regarding future development at Hunter Green Subdivision. Mr. Artz presented a revised preliminary conceptual plan reflecting 45 building lots supported by an on site septic collection and treatment facility, entrance and egress directly to Washington Road and approximately 60% of the property devoted to open space. At the conclusion of the discussion Mr. Artz indicated that he would consider the member's comments and the previous discussion with Mr. Pennington in preparing a revised conceptual plan.
VI.               Adjournment
On a motion by Mr. Moore and seconded by Alderman Anderson the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.
                                    Minutes submitted by: ___________________________
                                                                           Brian M. Rettaliata, Chairman
Minutes approved by: ____________________________
                                                                           Brian M. Rettaliata, Chairman
                                    ATTEST:                   _____________________________
                                                                  Terri A. Brown, Town Recorder