PC 2005 August


August 17, 2005



Chairman Ed Niec called the regular meeting of the Coopertown Planning Commission to order at 7:00 pm., August 16,2005 at the Coopertown City Hall located at 2525 Burgess Gower Road.

II. Roll Call:

Donna Moulton, City/Court Clerk, conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:

Bryan Collins, State Planner

Ronnie Osborne, Vice Chairman

Ed Niec, Chairman

Peggy Ruth, Alderman

Danny Crosby, Mayor

Tony Neal, Committee Member

Darrell Boggs, Committee Member

John West, Committee Member


Members of the board welcomed new member John West to the committee.


III. Chairman Niec asks the board to waive the minutes for May 17, 2005. Motion made by Mr. Neal to accept the minute's as presented and this is seconded by Vice-Chairman Osborne. The motion passes unanimously.

IV. Chairman Niec asks the board to waive the minutes for the June 21, 2005 meeting. Alderman Ruth makes the motion to amend the minutes for June 21, for the minutes were not complete. All members were in agreement.

V. Old Business:

1. Case 15-15: Mr. William B. Shaw is requesting final plat approval of his property located at 1949 Erell Dowlen Road. The property includes 5.05 acres. Mr.Artz's is in attendance at the meeting to answer and questions the committee might have concerning this property. He also brought blueprints of the plat on which Mr. Shaw will build. Motion is made by Mr. Neal to accept the final plat approval .This is seconded by Alderman Ruth. The motion passes unanimously.

VI: New Business:

1. Mr. Hugh Hallums is requesting the final plat approval oh his property located at 4553 Martin's Chapel Road. This property includes 1.05 acres. Mayor Crosby states that we need to pass this for it was his mistake that it did not get on the Board Meeting agenda. Mayor states that the Hallums have waited for sometime now to get stared on the new house and that Mr. Hallums is living a very bad environment right now. Mr. Collins states that this would have to go before the Mayor and Board of Alderman to move property from AG to RA before any final decisions are made. Mayor Crosby states that this would be brought before the board of Alderman in the Special board meeting on August 18, 2005 to move property from AG to RA. Motion is made by Mayor Crosby to accept this request upon approval of the rezoning request. Mr. Boggs seconds the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Chairman Niec states that in the last Planning Commission meeting he gave all members paperwork to go over concerning the 15 year facility plan. He asks if there are any changes that need to be made. All were in agreement with the plans. Chairman Niec states that Mr. Collins and he would continue ahead with the regular plans.

Discussions were held about:

Building permit increase: Vice-Chairman Osborne suggests that commercial fees should be set higher than home owners.

Mayor Crosby states that we need stricter guideline rules for building permits and inspections. Mayors suggests that a list of procedures should be given to builders .Vice-Chairman Osbourne will look into getting a list similar to the ones that Greenbrier uses for inspections.

Mayor Crosby states that he is looking into hiring a codes inspector in the near future.

Mayor states that sub-division guide-lines need to be looked at. The developer needs to look into curbing and guttering. It would help the resale and market value of the homes in subdivisions. Mr. Collins states that the guidelines of curbing and guttering are here at City hall in the Regulations of subdivision hand books.

After no further discussion was brought forward the meeting adjourned at